Saturday, April 2, 2011

3rd Party App - Adds Flexibility For QlikView Report Distribution

Recently I started to review NPrinting 10 for QlikView.  This 3rd party application allows you to distribute not only PDF QlikView Reports but also Excel Reports from your QlikView environment (from server or desktop editions).

I spent about 30 minutes with the product and I was also able to get a good overview from the creators and I was impressed with its potential.  Especially the ability to dynamically filter data and distribute 'templated' Excel reports from visualizations in QlikView.

As you may know QlikTech offers a PDF Report Distribution add-on to Publisher Enterprise that simply allows Publisher tasks to distribute QlikView Reports in PDF format.  There is no way to automate (short of macro development) the distribution of reports in Excel.  Also, the cost of this add-on makes it cost prohibitive unless you are distributing to a very large group of people.  NPrinting has the potential to give users a more cost effective entry point into PDF distribution with the added benefit of doing Excel distribution as well.

See for yourself....

I will post a more detailed review once I spend a bit more time with the product.



  1. I look forward to your full review. I have looked at the websites for both NPrinting and QVExcel and both seem to have good features.

    It would be good if someone who has experience of both (but is affiliated to neither) could write an impartial comparison.

    I can see I will be in a position where I need to recommend one or the other to a client soon.

    - Steve

  2. @Ed; thanks for posting this.

    @Steve; we'd welcome such a review. QVExcel is a great product which has some really cool features, mostly dealing with doing analyses on QlikView data using the Excel interface and features. NPrinting is really more about scheduling and distributing information from QlikView data in a structured, user specific way.

    I really see the two products as complementary although one could argue that there is some overlap in terms of the creation of Excel format output.

    The common use of Excel points to the fact that with 400MM users (or so MS says), the Excel format is hard to ignore (much as many would like to).

    If either of you has the time to write the type of review Steve described, I'd be glad to give them a permanent NPrinting license so that they can get deep into the application.



  3. @Ed: I agreed, NPrinting is a very good option for Qlikview users.

    The same company who created NPrinting, created another cool product - Vizubi and I reviewed it recently on my blog here:

    Warm Regards,

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